Sweets for a Story


Sweets for a Story is an exploration of connecting strangers and celebrating their stories using food as a catalyst. It is an exchange of homemade sweets for handwritten stories, where the artist bakes and offers an array of treats and asks visitors to write a story and hang it on display.

The universal draw of food, as a means of sustenance, as a holder of memories, as a symbol of culture, as a medium for creation, makes it a disarming starting point for social and artistic connection.

The physicality of tasting and eating, of putting pen to paper, offers a return to our visceral experience, and leaves behind a testimony to it in the handwriting on the page.

The invitation to write a story is more than just that; it is an invitation to reflect, to feel, to participate, to create something of value and to see it as something worth being valued.

There is full acknowledgement that the art cannot exist without the exchange between artist and participant. The participatory nature of the project is not just a secondary aspect of it, but the focus and foundation. Everyone involved becomes the artist.

The stories themselves are wide-ranging in their themes but the underlying honesty and authenticity is ubiquitous and beautiful. In the sharing of stories, there exists a moment of individual vulnerability and risk, which is absorbed into a collection of vulnerable moments that together create a sense of intimate belonging and a tribute to our shared humanity.


Performed April 2, 2017 as part of the Expat Expo | Immigrant Invasion Festival at English Theatre Berlin | International Performing Arts Centre, Berlin, Germany.